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Magdalena Preciado López is a Scientist in the Biochemistry Lab

Magdalena’s main focus is to design and develop protein and cell-based assays for high-throughput screens. She interfaces with many groups both at Calico and AbbVie, and participates in the design and implementation of novel research directions. Currently, she is most excited about a collaboration with others at Calico, in which they have started working with tissue-derived organoids.
In addition to her work as a Scientist, Magdalena is one of the founding members of Calico’s Women’s Forum which has a mission to create connections and empower women to advocate for their own and others’ personal and career goals.
Why Magdalena works at Calico

"Calico’s quest to elucidate the biological mystery of aging captured my imagination, and so far it has truly expanded my scientific and intellectual horizons. Everyday I have the chance to interact, learn and collaborate with a group of extremely talented and driven people, which forces me to keep pushing my boundaries forward. At Calico, I have found a welcoming community where I feel valued, and have also found lifelong friends."

Associate Director, Cellular Models and Assay Technologies

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