Clinical Trials

Calico is committed to translating our research focused on aging and age-related diseases into insights that enable the development of novel therapies.

With our collaborative partners we are designing and conducting clinical studies with the highest integrity and ethical standards, in accordance with applicable regulations. We are devoted to the safety and well-being of all the people who take part in our clinical trials.


Calico registers interventional clinical trials conducted in patients on

If you are a patient interested in one of our clinical trials, please visit to learn more.

Expanded Access

Sometimes called “compassionate use”, Expanded Access involves the use of an investigational drug when a patient with a serious disease or life-threatening condition is unable to participate in a clinical trial. Calico does not currently offer an Expanded Access program; participation in our clinical trials is the only way for patients to gain access to any of Calico’s investigational drugs. As more data on the safety and efficacy of our investigational drugs become available, we will continuously review and may update our policy on Expanded Access.

If you have additional questions, please contact us at