Andrew York, Ph.D.Andrew York, Ph.D. Principal Investigator and Head of Microscopy

Research Focus

My lab’s research focuses on using math, physics, engineering, and coding to make biological imaging faster, gentler, higher resolution, and more useful. My recent interests include structured-illumination microscopy, light-sheet microscopy, stimulated emission, two-photon microscopy, fluorescent probe development, localization microscopy, and terahertz imaging.

As a postdoc at the NIH, I invented the first optical superresolution microscope with no drawbacks, which works “instantly” and doesn’t require computation (you could view the image through eyepieces). I developed several other techniques, including a faster, much gentler alternative to spinning disk microscopy, and also “two-step” fluorescence, similar to two-photon imaging but with improved resolution and many orders of magnitude lower laser intensity.