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Reinhard Dechant is a Principal Scientist in the Gottschling Lab

Reinhard Dechant landscape

Reinhard works in the Gottschling Lab, which identifies molecular changes that cause aging and the downstream age-associated events that lead to cellular decline. Reinhard studies budding yeast. This yeast is an ideal model organism because of our ability to precisely modulate its metabolism and its environment during the entire aging process, yet yeast relies on highly similar metabolic reactions and signaling pathways as human cells.

Why Reinhard works at Calico

"I was attracted to Calico’s unique approach of combining research in model organisms and successful clinically oriented programs to deepen our understanding and improve treatment possibilities of aging and age-related diseases. For me, Calico provides the best of academia’s long term, curiosity-driven research with highly meaningful, clinically relevant applications. Calico has established an extraordinary work environment, which offers countless possibilities to both develop as a researcher and to further scientific knowledge in one of the most fascinating and critical aspects of biology and medicine."

Principal Scientist, Gottschling Lab

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