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Dennis Ma is a Senior Scientist in the Stokoe Oncology Lab

Dennis Ma Landscape

Dennis is a senior scientist focusing on discovery and evaluation of new targets for cancer therapy with a special emphasis on metastasis, the spread of cancer from a primary tumor to a secondary site in the body. Although metastasis is one of the leading causes of cancer related deaths, there are few models available to study metastatic disease. Dennis and his team are developing and expanding new models to functionally study metastasis to validate new targets and evaluate new therapeutics for eradicating metastatic disease.

Why Dennis works at Calico

"The environment at Calico fosters both innovation and collaboration. I have been able to develop new animal models of metastasis, establish primary cultures of patient tumor cells and evaluate potential targets and therapeutics for metastatic disease using the animal and culture models we have created. We use a multidisciplinary approach, partnering internally across multiple groups at Calico, as well as externally. Having a team of collaborators with different expertise synergizes productivity and innovation and is vital to tackling complex biological problems like metastasis."

Senior Scientist, Oncology

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