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Majed Mohamed Magzoub is a Data Scientist for Computing

Majed Mohamed Magzoub

Majed, known as “Mo” to his colleagues, applies statistics and machine learning methods to diverse omics data to study aging. He views these rich molecular profiles through the lens of systems biology to make sense of the complex network of mechanisms driving disease. He is passionate about leveraging cutting-edge technologies and powerful modeling to help discover and translate new biological findings.

Why Majed works at Calico

"I really value having the opportunity to work on interdisciplinary projects that closely link computational biology research with the development of new experimental methods and technologies in the lab. Thankfully, Calico’s full of talented, wicked smart folks who are eager to build cross-functional collaborations. Driven by a shared curiosity about the diverse and interconnected biological processes that change with age, I think that together we can study disease from new and creative perspectives."

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Calico is currently seeking exceptional candidates who share our passion for understanding the science of aging and developing therapeutics to address age-related diseases.

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