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Kayley Hake is a Scientist in the Microscopy Technology Lab

Kayley Hake
Kayley is passionate about using microscopy to solve basic research and drug development questions from single molecule to entire tissues. She finds joy in the overlap of science and art and advocates for the power of compelling microscopy images to tell a story.
Why Kayley works at Calico

"Calico is the best of academia and industry with none of the drawbacks. My greatest limitation is myself: how big can I dream, how creative can I think, how much can I collaborate, and how inventive can I be. Together, we are making discoveries in human health using cutting-edge techniques and newly-invented microscopes that are visualizing aspects of biology never before seen."


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Calico is currently seeking exceptional candidates who share our passion for understanding the science of aging and developing therapeutics to address age-related diseases.

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