Eugene Melamud, Ph.D.Eugene Melamud, Ph.D. Principal Investigator

Research Focus

I am primarily interested in computational modeling approaches to unravel relationship between genotype and phenotype in human aging. My current research focuses on a development of robust mass spectrometry computational tools to identify biomarkers of aging, bioinformatics analysis of epigenetic modifications, and understanding relationships between these biomarkers and causes of human morbidity.

As a postdoc at Josh Rabinowitz group at Princeton University, I developed bioinformatics tools to interpret metabolomics data from isotopic flux and profiling studies. Prior to joining Calico, I worked as a Senior Principle Scientist at Pfizer Oncology, where I was tasked with identification of novel oncology targets using integrative metabolomics / proteomics approaches. I was responsible for development of proteomics techniques to quantitate absolute level of expression of cell surface receptors in human tissues.