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Nate Thayer is a Scientist in the Gottschling Lab which uses yeast as a model system for researching the aging process

Nate’s current research is focused on understanding the processes that change, and ultimately determine, the lifespan of an aging yeast cell. You can read more about Nate’s work and collaboration with Calico colleagues here.
Why Nate works at Calico

"Calico provides an interdisciplinary environment that is critical for the success of our projects. Combining expertise in microscopy, microfluidics, computer-vision and genetics, our group studies the genetic and environmental regulators of the yeast aging process at a scale that has not been possible before. I am excited every day to use these tools to identify perturbations that significantly extend the lifespan of this single-celled organism."

Principal Scientist

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Calico is currently seeking exceptional candidates who share our passion for understanding the science of aging and developing therapeutics to address age-related diseases.

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