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Natalie Telis is a Computational Biologist in the Baryshnikova Lab

Natalie Telis

Natalie is part of the Baryshnikova Lab, which focuses on systematically investigating gene-gene and phenotype-phenotype relationships that drive normal physiological functions and their age-associated decline. There, she gets to work with large sets of genetic and phenotypic data from human populations using math, stats, computer science, and lots of coffee.

Why Natalie works at Calico

"When I read Calico's job description and saw they were looking for someone with a ‘strong interest in working on difficult problems,’ I knew I had to come here. And it's been a thrill to work incredibly hard with incredibly brilliant people all dedicated to better understanding the biology of aging and solving diseases. As a huge bonus, I've experienced a delightful and hilarious camaraderie with everyone, even remotely. Whether we're betting on cheese trays, diving too far into random ideas (that somehow become serious and groundbreaking research projects) or doing Zumba together online, it's fantastic to be surrounded by such great folks."

Computational Biologist

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Calico is currently seeking exceptional candidates who share our passion for understanding the science of aging and developing therapeutics to address age-related diseases.

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