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A Broad collaboration

At Calico, we are focused on understanding the biology of aging and age-related diseases and translating our discoveries into potential new therapeutics.  In 2015, we initiated a collaboration with the renowned Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT with the goal to advance our collective discovery and translational research efforts in areas related to human aging.

Calico scientists work closely with their Broad colleagues to identify promising disease targets as well as advance state-of-the-art technologies and computing approaches such as Cell Painting.

One of our most advanced projects with Broad scientists is our cancer target screening effort.  Through this program, we have identified a number of promising targets in cancer, and now have compounds in late-state preclinical research along with our partner AbbVie.

The key to our collaboration is that both organizations allow the science to lead the way. Scientists from both sides of the collaboration have the freedom to pursue new and interesting ideas together.