We are different by design

Think big. Explore broadly. Collaborate constantly.

Our mission is said simply, yet it is quite ambitious. We are working to better understand the biology that controls aging and lifespan… and we are using the knowledge we gain to discover and develop interventions that enable people to lead longer and healthier lives.

We are not a traditional biotechnology company, nor are we an academic institution. We have combined the best parts of both without the constraints of either.

We are asking difficult questions about how we age and the diseases associated with the aging process. To find answers requires a long-term perspective, a relentless focus on understanding the basic biology of aging, utilizing and inventing state-of-the-art technology, enlisting advanced computing capabilities and nurturing a culture and values that guide the big and small decisions we make every day.


Our progress is charted in high-quality publications, our many collaborations and the expanding pipeline of early- and clinical-stage compounds that target diseases commonly linked with aging.

Calico Stories

The experiment that started it all

In 1993, aging science was barely a field of study. Many scientists believed that aging “just happened.” Since aging happens after reproduction, the thinking went, genes for aging would escape the force of natural selection, so they could not exist. <a href="/people/cynthia-kenyon">Cynthia Kenyon</a>, now Calico’s vice president of Aging but then a professor at the University of California...