Ganesh Kolumam, Ph.D.Ganesh Kolumam
Head of Physiology

Research Focus

I lead Calico's Physiology group, consisting of members with multidisciplinary expertise in pre-clinical drug discovery research and development. Within our group, we develop preclinical models with deeper understanding of disease pathophysiology, perform proof-of concept studies through target validation using various cutting edge molecular and biochemical approaches. Our main focus is in aging associated diseases.

I joined Calico following over a decade within Research at Genentech. During that time, I was fortunate to contribute to the various stages of drug discovery and development for early- and late-stage drug candidates in the Immune pathologies and immunometabolism space. Prior to joining Genentech, my training during Ph.D. and Post-doctorate research was in cellular and molecular immunology, particularly how the memory T cells are formed and perpetuated during viral and bacterial infections.