Bryson Bennett, Ph.D.Bryson Bennett, Ph.D. Principal Investigator and Head of Mass Spectrometry

Research Focus

My current research is focused on understanding endogenous metabolism in a variety of models of aging, from yeast to humans, using mass spectrometry and stable isotope labeling. This work includes systems-level analyses of metabolism for hypothesis generation work, biomarker identification, and as a tool to dissect the function of individual metabolic pathways.

Previously, I applied mass spectrometry and metabolomics tools to the problems of identifying and understanding metabolic targets for therapeutic intervention in oncology and viral infection. Prior to that, I studied metabolomics in the laboratory of Josh Rabinowitz at Princeton, where we developed stable isotope labeling techniques to determine absolute metabolite concentrations and metabolic fluxes in cells. We discovered fatty acid metabolism as potential target for treating cytomegalovirus infection using these methods.