Adam Freund, Ph.D.Adam Freund, Ph.D. Principal Investigator

Research Focus

The Freund lab studies aging at the system-level in mammalian models. We use automated, longitudinal phenotyping technologies to quantify multiple aspects of age-dependent physiological decline simultaneously in individual animals. We modulate targets with spatial and temporal precision in vivo using a variety of approaches including gene delivery as well as small and large molecules. We seek to understand how the numerous deleterious changes that accumulate over time are causally related, with the overarching goal of using that knowledge to develop interventions that can slow or reverse aspects of aging.

I have studied aspects of the biology of aging throughout my career. My graduate work with Judy Campisi at UC Berkeley and the Buck Institute focused on the regulation of inflammatory networks during cellular senescence.  I then did my postdoctoral work with Steven Artandi at Stanford, where I developed high content screening methods to identify regulators of telomerase.


Honors & Awards