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Janani Sridar is a Principal Research Associate in the Biochemistry Lab

Janani Sridar

Janani is a passionate scientific researcher in the Protein Science group within the Biochemistry Core Lab, working on collaborations involving Abbvie, MIT and groups within Calico. Her research involves protein production and in vitro biophysical and biochemical assays to support drug development and better understand protein-protein interactions of given targets.

Why Janani works at Calico

"Calico is at the exciting juncture of academia and industry, with an infinite capability to understand the biology of aging in depth. Innovative ideas are highly encouraged, which allows for a deeper dive into the biochemical aspects of various aging targets. When the golden opportunity to work independently with a passionate group of scientists who strongly believe in teamwork knocked on my door, I answered with enthusiasm. And I will never look back, ever."

Principal Research Associate

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