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Johannes Riegler, Ph.D.

Principal Investigator

Johannes is developing non-invasive imaging techniques to study longitudinal changes in the physiology of aging animals and age-related pathologies.

Johannes’ Preclinical Imaging lab uses high-resolution MRI and advanced post-processing techniques to generate reliable in vivo biomarkers to better understand aging and to evaluate drug candidates which can prevent or reverse age-related changes.
Prior to Calico, as a postdoc with Joseph C. Wu at Stanford University, Johannes developed magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) based techniques to assess changes in cardiac function following cell transplantation and bioluminescence-based approaches to track cell survival. During a postdoc at Genentech with Richard A.D. Carano, he developed MRI-based techniques to elucidate the role of vascular inflammation in T-cell infiltration as well as ultrasound-based approaches to characterize the tumor microenvironment.