Partnering with Calico

Together with Calico’s scientists, our team identifies promising research approaches that complement and enhance our internal efforts.

Partnering with Calico

Our partnering philosophy

We’re not intimidated by big ideas and risk, as we’re looking to take big leaps in the fields of aging and age-related disease. We like to collaborate with outstanding people and organizations that provide us with access to new biology and technology platforms. We’re not afraid of unproven areas if the science and rationale are strong, and we’re not tied to specific pathways, targets or technologies.


We’re flexible in how we organize and structure partnerships. Our preference is to be deeply engaged scientifically in collaborative research programs.

Why collaborate with Calico

Calico combines the focus and drive of a start-up with the resources and world class R&D capabilities of the leading biotechnology companies. Calico’s internal research efforts are predicated on “beyond state-of-the-art” technology and research infrastructure including advanced sequencing, computational biology and machine learning, metabolomics/proteomics, microscopy/imaging and translational biology.


Through our productive alliance with AbbVie, we have outstanding access to resources including medicinal chemistry, protein production, drug screening, and structural biology to accelerate development of therapeutic programs and discovery technologies.  Partnering with Calico, therefore, provides people, resources, and capabilities to advance the full range of biotechnology opportunities.

Calico Stories

A broad collaboration

At Calico, we are focused on understanding the biology of aging and age-related diseases and translating our discoveries into potential new therapeutics.  In 2015, we initiated a collaboration with the renowned Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT with the goal to advance our collective discovery and translational research efforts in areas related to human aging. Calico scientists work closely...

Types of collaborations

We’re open to many different types of partnerships with various structures, if we believe they will advance our scientific pursuits. Our preference is to be deeply engaged scientifically in collaborative research programs. 

We focus on the following types of collaborations:


Sponsored academic research, especially projects focused on understanding the basic biology of aging and hallmarks of aging such as proteostasis, stress responses, cellular energetics and senescence; other interests for sponsored research include early drug discovery and genetic studies.


Licensing and collaboration agreements for clinical-stage therapeutic programs, including, but not limited to cancer, neurodegeneration, chronic inflammation and metabolic disorders.


Novel drug discovery platforms in the areas of nucleic acid sequencing (including single cell methods and spatial transcriptomics), mass spectrometry, and imaging to name a few.


Advanced technology and computing platforms and capabilities, including machine learning, and computer vision/perception.

We welcome proposals for partnership. If you would like to collaborate with Calico, please provide us with a brief non-confidential proposal that describes the opportunity, including scientific supporting data, to