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The experiment that started it all

In 1993, aging science was barely a field of study. Many scientists believed that aging “just happened.” Since aging happens after reproduction, the thinking went, genes for aging would escape the force of natural selection, so they could not exist. <a href="/people/cynthia-kenyon">Cynthia Kenyon</a>, now Calico’s vice president of Aging but then a professor at the University of California...

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Power couple: AI together with Cryo-EM reveals new insights into age-related protein

Answering fundamental questions in biology requires the ability to look closely at the intricate and microscopic world of cells and proteins. At Calico, our...

Making the Connection: Environment, Genetics and Implications for Healthy Aging

Uncovering the complex interaction between genetics and the environment and how these two factors shape lifespan, health and disease in humans could help...

Inside the biology of aging: How do scientists tackle a planet-wide diagnosis?

See how the AbbVie-Calico Life Sciences collaboration turns the traditional partnership upside down to tackle age-related diseases. The giant tortoise can...

Improving the ability to predict how DNA sequence influences gene expression

The human genome contains a total of ~3 billion DNA base pairs. An estimated 1-2% of the genome codes for proteins, which influence everything from hair and...

Novel insights from a multiomics dissection of the Hayflick limit

As organisms age, they accumulate cells that no longer function properly but have managed to escape cellular death. These “zombie cells” wreak havoc by...

A breakthrough in understanding metabolite regulation of a central stress sensor

Understanding homeostasis in aging and disease could lead to the ability to target specific biological pathways involved in the pathology of disease. That’s...

Understanding cardiometabolic diseases using abdominal MRI scans

Cardiometabolic diseases are an increasing global health burden. And Calico scientists, led by Madeleine Cule, are working with the University of Westminster...

DCAF15: Understanding how natural killer cells may work

The human immune system can recognize and kill cancer cells growing in the body by sensing mutated proteins on the surface of cancer cells, known as...

A study in human genetics demonstrates limited influence on longevity

It has been a long-held belief that genetics play a role in lifespan. Calico researchers set out to understand just how much of a role genes play in...

A Broad collaboration

At Calico, we are focused on understanding the biology of aging and age-related diseases and translating our discoveries into potential new therapeutics.  In...

Understanding how yeast age

Calico scientists in our yeast biology labs, along with the computing and technology groups, are collaborating closely on a long-term project to invent new...

Analyzing cell painting images with machine learning

A major focus of our Computing team is to develop machine learning approaches to analyze biological images. In some cases, we aim to speed up or automate...

Inventing a new microscope

At Calico, our scientists are not constrained by conventional wisdom. In 2019, scientists Andrew York and Alfred Millett-Sikking believed that there was...